.eu Domains To Be Cancelled Following Brexit

Brexit ramifications rumble on and for several of our clients the news that EURid (the European Registry for Internet Domains) has decided that anyone without an EU postal address will not be able to own a .eu domain after Brexit, is another issue to factor in.

Click here to read the full notice from EURid.

If you have an EU postal address, we strongly suggest that you switch the registration of your .eu domain name to that one so that you can keep it.

Otherwise, the domain will be cancelled on one of two dates:

  • 30thMarch 2019 if the UK exits the EU with no deal
  • 1stJanuary 2021 if the UK exits the EU with a deal

What if I don't have an EU postal address?

If you do not have an EU postal address or you cannot switch to one for any reason, this unfortunately means that you will lose your .eu domain. We recommend you take the following actions as soon as possible:

  • Purchase a new domain name
  • Transfer your website to your new domain
  • Redirect your EU domain name to the new site

If you have any questions on how to do this, or any other queries relating to this matter, please feel free to get in touch.