British Red Cross


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About Us

Every single person has something valuable to offer, no matter how big or small. Most people have heard about the British Red Cross, and are aware of our work on a large scale. However the lasting memories and difference we make can often be on a far smaller scale inside local communities such as Cornwall and as a pillar of support for families and individuals. We use our (almost) 150 years of experience, the skill and empathy of thousands of volunteers and the founding principles of our organisation to ensure people have the support they need in a crisis, however large or small.

We are there right behind the emergency services, helping families pick themselves up after house fires, communicating information and advice to communities hit by floods, and providing psychosocial support and sorting donations to those affected by major disasters such as the Grenfell Fire. Imagine losing everything you have in a flood or fire, standing in the street as the emergency services work around you, wondering how you are going to even begin rebuilding your life. In this situation our emergency response vehicle equipped with blankets, toiletries, phone chargers, baby and pet food and other essentials provides refuge to individuals and their families. A friendly face, a cup of tea and a safe place to simply sit and digest what has happened. We are there to help after the emergency services have left and the task of rebuilding begins.

We provide lifesaving First Aid skills to thousands each year. Our Independent Living Services support people home from hospital, countering the too