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About Us

The Aspire Academy Trust is a Multi Academy Trust, comprising of a group of primary Academies. We have joined together in a unique and exciting partnership that raises aspiration and achievement through ensuring better provision, richer resources, and higher standards for all our pupils. The Trust is fully committed and focused on continuous school improvement and outstanding leadership. By employing experts in buildings, finance, compliance, personnel, IT and health and safety, we seek to remove the bureaucratic and compliance related duties away from our school leaders and teaching staff, freeing them to focus on teaching and improving opportunities for pupils. Already we see pupils from the Trust academies spending time in each others academies, staff sharing good practice and academy leaders working with each other in ways they have never done before. The goal of the Trust is for each academy not just to be or become outstanding but sustain it always. With this brave and exciting move, our member academies have wholeheartedly embraced this principle and cannot wait to work with others to help them as well.