Business Protection - Free protection consultation

Offer Valid: 06/01/2020 - 12/31/2020
Free Initial Financial Review - Protecting Your Business
First and foremost I hope that you and your family / friends are all safe and well during these uncertain times.  
Quite rightly, many are taking this opportunity to put in place or review their life insurance / critical illness policies etc. protecting themselves and their loved ones from financial hardship, should the worst befall us.
It is however, equally important to protect our businesses. They represent our livelihood; the ability to provide for our families now an in the future. Events of late have shown us that we are not invincible - try the LV= Risk Reality calculator, to see how you could be affected by catastrophe. The results will surprise you -
The key message is that every business owner should have business protection in place, to ensure the real value of your company passes to your family, and/or ensures the continuity of your business, once you/your partners are gone:
  • Does your partner/family really want to run the business after you’re gone?
  • Do you want to run the business with your business partner’s spouse?
  • Have you taken out business loans? How will these be repaid if you lose a key worker?
  • Is the company really worth as much, if you’re no longer around to run it?
At Tilney, we cannot be beaten on price of financial protection and for your ease and safety, we can carry out the whole process over the telephone.
If you or if anyone else you know would like to speak to us about business protection, please let us know, for a free initial consultation.

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