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Offer Valid: 02/04/2020 - 12/01/2021
Want a new phone system? How about one with Calls for nothing and the phone’s for free?
We're offering to carry your business calls for nothing and provide all the phone’s you need ..... for free !!!

We’ll replace your old phone system and install a new, fully featured, completely future-proof Hosted VoIP phone system @ Nil charge  
 Calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles Nil charge

 So you'll get a new fully featured “Cloud based” phone system with a 99.999% SLA  

Nil charge

 We’re offering your business this on a flexible 30 day “rolling” contract, so you’ll always be in control of who provides you with the best service by ensuring that you won’t be locked in to an onerous contract or left behind when it comes to benefiting from leading edge technology 
Multi site or home working, call conferencing, voicemail to email and disaster recovery are features that are no longer reserved for the multi-nationals. 
Our Broadsoft platform is the same as BT’s and is recognised as the world leader in Hosted VoIP solutions, so you can rest assured that its reliable, hosted in a secure, co-located data centre.

A monthly “seat license” per extension user includes all calls and handsets and full phone system functionality.

Calls & Lines

If it’s just savings on your calls & line rentals that you need right now then we can simply just do that. 
Typically we save our clients  40—50% of their telecoms overheads, we could save your business even more, particularly when compared with BT.
We have long established strategic partnerships with the UK's leading  networks, meaning that we can provide you with the right product, at the right price, with no compromise on quality and no disruption to your business.

​Mobile Phones

Mobile phone contracts are often complex and confusing, with many people committing to something that ends up costing them a small fortune, just to get a "free" phone.
Siplicity are independent, so we offer connectivity with all of the major mobile service providers. This enables us to find exactly the right contract for you, rather than the one that suits us best!  
We can also provide 30 day “rolling” contracts for mobiles!!!

Why not check us out? You'll be pleased that you did...

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